In recognition of National Foster Care Month, we’re proud to share these real, soul-inspiring, foster care quotes from the children and families we serve.

Every year, Upbring connects nearly 2,000 Texas children with compassionate foster families. Our families do more than open their homes to children and give them a safe place to sleep. They also open their hearts and give them the love and support every children deserves.

Real foster care quotes from children

Foster care quotes
Teachers, coaches, mentors, foster parents and anyone else in a young person?s life can set them up for success after foster care. Click here to learn more.

1. “I still consider her pretty much my mom. Even though she had five other girls, she tried to build a relationship with each and every one. She wanted girls that she could build a relationship with and watch them graduate, and if adoption happens, it’s a miracle.”

2. “She took us to Disney, we went to Mexico. I remember one of my birthday parties, we went to Mr. Gattis, and we had ponies. I mean, her life is for kids. Every year, she calls me on my birthday. She is a really great lady.”

3. “She calls me her son to this day. If I’m passing in that area, I’ll stop by her house or I’ll stop at her job and just say hello and see how she’s doing. She always tells me she is very proud of me for what I’ve become.”

4. “Thank you for loving me as your own.”

5. “They are the best foster parents that I have ever had. They listen to me, they play with me, we do everything together like if we were their kids! They are the best foster parents. I love them.

6. “You pay attention to us, hug us and ask how our day was. We’ve suffered a lot. You’ve given us everything. You deserve to be called mom.”

7. “That foster mom, she has been my angel. She’s godmother to my two children. And the difference with her is that she normally took younger children, but she took me in. She really treated me with decency and respect. She wanted to get to know me.”

Real foster care quotes from parents

Foster care quotes

8. “The children I’ve cared for have experienced so much negativity, from drugs to abuse to violence. They can’t envision anything different. When they open their minds to other possibilities – a job, trade school or college – I’m as excited and proud as they are.”

9. “I was feeding the baby one morning, and she looked up at me and smiled. That was all it took! When you have a happy, secure child in your arms, you know everything you’re doing is worth it. I got so much joy from knowing she was in a better place because of the care she was getting in our home.”

10. “She’d already experienced more trauma than I have in a lifetime. Now, she’s grown into a young lady who only sees the good in the world. She hugs everyone, including her teachers. She tells us she wants to adopt when she grows up.

11. “The kids call me Momma Bear because they know I will always go to bat for them.”

12. “We love the kids with all our hearts. Seeing their progress and the happiness in their faces gives me life. We want them to know the world hasn’t abandoned them. They’ll always have a home here.”

13. “He went into foster care as a newborn. What would his life have been like if he had aged out of foster care? Now, he’s a happy 3-year-old who’s growing and thriving. He’s also excelling in school, learning to speak in full sentences using perfect grammar.”

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