March 20th (today!) marks the first official day of Spring! Back are the days of afternoon rain showers, flower blooms and endless opportunities for warm-weather fun with your little ones. Here are six springtime activities that are sure to make this new season an enjoyable one for you and your children:

1. Build a backyard garden

Head to your local home improvement store to browse the outdoor aisles of the plant nursery. Grab some planters, potting soil and the prettiest blooms to create your own backyard garden! You can go for the simple approach and purchase already-bloomed flowers and greenery, or you can challenge your children (and yourself!) by purchasing seeds and watching your plants come to life before your very eyes! You can even purchase vegetable seeds and grow your own cucumbers, onions or peppers to use in yummy homemade recipes.

2. Go to the park

Warmer weather presents the perfect opportunity to visit the neighborhood park. Visiting the park allows your children to socialize and burn off energy as they laugh and play the afternoon away. Take a leisurely stroll or ride bikes to and from the park for bonus exercise and time spent in the sunshine!

3. Splash in puddles after a rainstorm

Don’t let the rainy season get you and your children down or keep you inside. After the storm clears, slip on some rain boots and go outside! There are sure to be plenty of sidewalk puddles to splash in. You can even make it a game. See who can make the biggest splash!

4. Have a picnic

Make mealtime more exciting and round up the family for a lunchtime picnic! Pack some sandwiches, water bottles, snacks and a blanket and head out to your favorite park or even your own backyard! Bring games or a kite to extend the fun.

5. Make a bird feeder

Warmer weather means more activity from our animal friends! Making a homemade bird feeder is a fun and easy activity that your children will be able to enjoy for weeks as they watch birds feed on the tasty treats! For instructions on how to create a feeder, follow this simple guide.

6. Paint flower pots

Here’s a fun way to make your backyard garden even more bright and colorful! Before you plant your seeds or blooms, set out the flower pots and some paint and let your children get creative! Once they’re complete, let each child care for the plant in his or her painted pot. It’s a great way to teach your children responsibility and it creates an opportunity for each child to have a task when taking care of the garden!

With these six activities, you’re sure to create lasting memories with your children this spring. What are some of your favorite springtime memories? Share in the comments!

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