All systems need updating. Regularly. This includes our own state systems and policies.

As an organization we are focused on generational innovation, which is a mindset and a method for implementing positive, healthy change that leads to greater positive shifts across generations. This approach is apparent in our advocacy work. Using our long-range mindset, we take direct action at the legislative level, aggressively working to partner with other associations to create new systems and re-engineer existing systems. 

Simply put, the children of Texas transcend politics. Our advocacy work is focused on promoting policies that will make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of children and ensure state systems that support them are effective. Our experience on the state legislative stage has made Upbring a trusted and effective voice in advocating for the well-being of children and influencing statewide structures to support them.

We have cultivated a strong suite of advocacy partnerships unique among Texas service providers.

We advocate for children by working in concert with:

  • Child Protection Roundtable
  • Texas Alliance for Child and Family Services
  • TexProtects
  • Texans Care for Children
  • Texas CASA, the National Association of Social Workers – Texas Chapter
  • Texas Pediatric Society

Our advocacy work influences:

  1. Child well-being measures
  2. Community-based care
  3. Prevention programs
  4. Support for specialized population groups like high-acuity children with intense trauma treatment needs, older youth transitioning to adulthood and pregnant and parenting youth.
  5. Early education

We will persist in elevating expectations for what every childhood should be in the halls of the Texas Capitol, in the many local communities we are privileged to serve, and among all Texans.

If you feel as inspired as we are by advocacy work, we invite you to join us.

Join us on our mission