“Thank you for letting me spend money on new clothes and shoes. I got The Flash PJs.”

Do you remember shopping for school clothes with your parents when you were a kid? Every fall, you had the chance to choose outfits that made you feel comfortable, confident and ready to succeed inside and outside the classroom. Afterward, maybe you spent quality time with your mom and/or dad over lunch, a movie or miniature golf.

Children in Upbring’s care have the chance to experience that same sense of excitement, independence and belonging, thanks to a long-standing partnership between Upbring and the Beaumont Foundation of America.

Lifting children up

Generous grants from the Beaumont Foundation of America enable school-age children in our Foster In Texas program and residential treatment centers to shop for and select new clothing, in many cases for the first time in their lives. Pictured L-R: Frank Newton, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Beaumont Foundation of America; Loren Riemer, Upbring Vice President of Development Operations, and Dr. Kurt Senske, Upbring Chief Executive Officer.

The foundation is a nonprofit grant-making institution led by President and Chief Executive Officer Frank Newton. Frank, his staff and the board of directors have a heart for serving less-fortunate children, youth, families and the elderly. In 2007, they were exploring ways to make an impact in the lives of children in foster care.

That is when the foundation partnered with Upbring and issued our first grant to help the children we serve purchase much-needed clothing.

“Every child deserves to feel valued, loved and capable of offering something special to the world,” Frank said. “The foundation is passionate about collaborating with nonprofits like Upbring that work tirelessly to help children build brighter futures. Together, we have a long, impactful history of lifting up children in need.”

During our 11-year partnership with the Beaumont Foundation of America, Upbring has been blessed to receive more than $5 million in generous clothing grants.

For perspective, let’s assume a family spends $25 on one outfit for a 7-year-old girl. That equals approximately 200,000 outfits!

“We have full hands and hearts, and we were so grateful to have this grant to buy pajamas, socks, dress clothes and everyday wear. Thank you for your kindness and for helping us on this journey of caring for so many children.”

Meeting more than a practical need

Because of the partnership’s long-term nature, clothing stipends are a consistent, reliable benefit we provide the children in our care. Our long-time CEO, Dr. Kurt Senske, knows that the clothes meet more than a practical need.

“When a child tells you they feel different from other kids and they’ve always had trouble making friends, it breaks your heart,” Kurt said. “Something as seemingly simple as a new pair of sneakers or a superhero shirt can help them fit in and feel welcomed. And by letting them participate in choosing their own clothes, we can boost their sense of autonomy, confidence and self-esteem. That is a powerful gift to give a child, and we are eternally grateful to the Beaumont Foundation of America.”

Want to help?

“You are like my angels for helping me buy new clothes.”

Upbring is humbled by the support of generous friends who help us meet each child’s unique needs. Whether you feel led to give a generous gift or volunteer your time and talent, you can walk alongside children in your community who need our help.

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