The 4th of July is one of the liveliest holidays of the year filled with sparklers, treats and fun! Whether you are enjoying some time out in the Texas sun, or spending your time indoors, here are a few ways to celebrate the holiday creatively and safely.

  1. Baking

Grab an apron and a whisk to make a festive dessert to celebrate! Firecracker Cupcakes or decadent Star Brownies will make the day a whole lot sweeter. Baking lets us spend time with those we care about while also making fun memories in the kitchen.

2. Indoor and Outdoor Activities

A deck of cards, board games, and even an outdoor classic like running through the sprinkler or playing a game of tag are all memorable ways to enjoy the day! Be sure to have a camera handy to capture some special moments with the kiddos.

3. Arts and Crafts

Construction paper, markers and glue will get the creativity in the room flowing while also keeping the little ones entertained! Glittery fireworks and a paper plate flag are holiday-friendly ways to pass the time and create something meaningful. Our DIY Pinterest board has some great ideas to help you get started.

4. Movie Marathon

Staying indoors in the summer heat is not a bad idea when you live in Texas! Spending Independence Day watching a few of your favorite movies is a great way to stay cool and relax.

Wondering how to share the importance of this day with your little ones? Check out this animated video about the 4th of July for children that will explain the significance of the holiday, why we celebrate it and the history of the birth date of our nation.

5. Watch Fireworks

It wouldn’t be Independence Day without taking in the sight of fireworks lighting up the night sky! Whether you visit a community event or just look up as the neighbors are lighting their vibrant displays, the sounds and visuals of fireworks will make your 4th of July even more remarkable.

Holidays allow for families of all kinds to spend a day together while creating magical memories. No matter how you choose to spend your Independence Day, we hope it is one to remember.

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