November is National Adoption Month. In celebration, Upbring is sharing the story of Christian Martinez, who was at the center of a few of our most recent adoptions.

Christian Martinez found his purpose when he became Jaden’s dad.

A couple years ago, seven children were removed from Christian’s cousin’s home. Christian became licensed to foster one of the children, 2-year-old Jaden, while Jaden’s siblings went to other foster homes.

Image taken from Jaden’s adoption day

The young brothers and sisters may have been apart, but they were still a family. Christian was compelled to help them stay connected throughout their time in foster care. What’s more, this single dad has helped guide other families toward fostering and eventually adopting the other children through Upbring.

“Upbring has been incredibly supportive. The team made the process so smooth, straightforward and positive,” Christian said of his experience.

Thanks to Christian’s steadfast advocacy, Jaden and two of his siblings were adopted on the same day last month—and given a second chance at experiencing the joy of childhood. Jaden, now 4, is officially his son. Just as importantly, this little boy is still bonded with his siblings.

Christian and Jaden on adoption day

“Christian helped create whole families by connecting children with parents who are committed to cultivating relationships with their children’s biological siblings,” said Lesley Perez, Area Director for Victoria, Texas. “He is a hardworking, driven dad who loves those kids beyond belief.”

At Upbring, we celebrate adoption and the many paths adoptive parents and children take to find one another. Where there is love, there can be a home for a child in need—and thousands of Texas children are waiting for their forever families. Upbring Foster In Texas (FIT) and Upbring International Adoption work tirelessly to provide the children we serve with nurturing and stable forever homes, while giving families the support they need along the way.

“People don’t understand the impact being a foster parent has on children,” said Christian. “I wish more people would open their hearts and realize the effect it can have. It’s unmeasurable.”

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