Recent graduates are entering an exciting time in their lives. Graduation and the months after open doors to so many new opportunities. Some graduates head off to college, some go to trade school and some enter the workforce.

At Upbring, we’re so proud of all the young adults in our programs who have graduated. Whether they attend high school while in our Foster In Texas Program or attend one of our Trinity Charter Schools through our RTCs, they are given support by staff, mentors and peers that, when ready, allows them to leave our program prepared to take on the task of independent living.

“Standing here now at this podium isn’t just a celebration of my educational achievement, it’s also a moment for me to glorify and thank the advocates who never gave up on me, the motivators who were with me through the chaos and the supporters who picked me back up when I had nothing left.” Nevaeh, New Life Children’s Center Graduation

While every young adult has a story to tell, there is something all graduates have in common: They all need continued support to make it through the ups and downs of transitioning into adulthood. Here are some encouraging ways to support a new graduate in your life:

Give your graduate an emergency kit

Things happen. Make sure your graduate is prepared for life’s uncertainties by filling a container with items such as:

  • A flashlight
  • Batteries
  • A sewing kit
  • A small first-aid kit
  • Utility tools

Write letters for your graduate to read during challenging times

When things get tough, sometimes an encouraging word is all it takes to turn a person’s day around. Write several letters for your graduate to read when feeling frustrated, mad, sad, stressed or anxious, and label them accordingly. For example, write a happy memory to reflect on when feeling sad, or a triumph to remember when feeling defeated.

Offer to write letters of recommendation or serve as a reference on a resume

Colleges often require letters of recommendation for scholarship applications. Writing one of these letters is a great way to continue to serve as an advocate. If your graduate is going straight into the workforce, offer to be listed as a reference on his or her resume.

Mail care packages every few months

Putting together a care package is a quick and easy way to show a recent graduate that you care about him or her. Include the graduate’s favorite snacks, gift cards for coffee or groceries, tissue boxes, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, household items, etc.

Send your graduate off with a Bible

Gifting a Bible is one way to ensure that your graduate will always have access to the support and encouragement he or she needs. For an added special touch, highlight your favorite verses or those that you think may be most helpful.

These ideas are just five of countless ways to make your graduate feel loved and supported as he or she transitions into adulthood. The path may not always be easy, but with a little encouragement along the way, nothing is impossible.

“Life as I see it is not a location, but a journey. Life flows, and I’m glad you’ve all had a chance to leave footsteps in my journey.” Nevaeh, New Life Children’s Center Graduation

What are some ways you’ve supported a recent graduate in your life? Let us know in the comments!

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