Make no mistake about it, becoming a foster parent is a big step and isn’t always a decision one makes quickly. After all, it is no simple task to open your heart and home to a child you’ve never met and has no trace of your DNA.

There are thousands of extraordinary children across Texas who need a safe home with adults who will encourage their dreams, remind them of their importance and give them a chance to simply be a kid. Before you count yourself out of the running, let’s talk about six things you DON’T need to become a foster parent:

1. You DO NOT need an unbreakable spirit.

This is generally one of the main reasons people choose not to foster. Fostering can be tough, but all you really need is to be brave and willing to put your heart on the line for the sake of a better future for a child. This is what makes our foster parents such heroes and helps our children unlock their potential.

2. You DO NOT need a nanny or to be a stay-at-home parent.

Whether you’re single or married, do not have children or are an existing parent, stay-at-home or work outside of the home, there are no specific guidelines under these terms for becoming a foster parent. In fact, we have individuals and married couples (who have been married at least for two years) in a variety of life stages who foster children in Texas.

3. You DO NOT need an unlimited bank account.

There is a myth that you must be independently wealthy before opening your home to a child. We are here to say, that is not true. Love does not come with a price tag. To become a foster parent through Upbring, all you need is a regular source of income, the ability to show you will not rely on foster care reimbursements and an open mind to welcome children of all age groups. Both Upbring and local partners are here to ensure that you have all the resources you will need as you become a foster parent.

4. You DO NOT need a large house.

Home is where your heart is and when you fill your home with love, it doesn’t matter if you have one extra room or twelve. What really matters is making room in life for an incredible child. Your team at Upbring will work closely with you to ensure your home is suitable for the number of children who join your family.

5. You DO NOT need to be in your 30s or 40s.

Did you know that the minimum age to be a foster parent through Upbring is 21? We have foster parents who are retired, too. If you have a regular source of income, are emotionally and physically healthy, have no criminal history (or proof of rehabilitation) and have no history of abusing a child or adult, becoming a foster parent might be your next step!

6. You DO NOT need a perfect life.

Life doesn’t always look picture perfect and we don’t expect our foster parents to be perfect, either. Your friends at Upbring want your foster experience to be one of beauty and fulfillment. With a supportive community, events, support groups, training and respite care, Upbring is here to make sure you can focus on loving, supporting and empowering the amazing child/children in your home.

You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero for a child. You also don’t need to be wealthy, you don’t need to have a Ph.D. in child psychology and you certainly don’t need to be perfect. With your loving heart and open arms, we would love to hear from you regarding fostering. Please visit to view the requirements and learn more about becoming a foster parent today!

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