Help Secure a Bright Future for Texas Children

Every child is entitled to a safe, healthy life.

Your 100% tax-deductible donation to Upbring supports vital services like foster care and education, ensuring the wellbeing of Texas’s most vulnerable children.

Your gift today is a step toward their brighter tomorrow.


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“We give to Upbring because God has blessed us with such a great life, and we want to do our part to share those blessings with others.”

— Larry and Carolyn Ohls

“Upbring is such a blessing to so many children!!! I am thankful for the opportunity to support children and families through this amazing organization. One smile at a time, changing lives!❤️”

— Kim Fraher

“I support BeREAL because of the all-encompassing support it gives to youth aging out of foster care. Not only is a safe place to live provided, but they are given time to develop life skills and seek a higher education giving them a better chance for success in adulthood.”

— Kathy Gerhardt


Children deserve to thrive.

Tragically, our world has often mistreated and forgotten our children. In the U.S. alone, 1 in 7 children experience abuse and neglect, and more than 68 children are maltreated every hour.

In the midst of the stories and statistics that may paint a bleak picture, we see hope, beauty, and a future for children who are no longer forsaken, but are supported and loved.

Join us today to help advance child wellbeing for all.


We’re redefining child wellbeing across Texas and beyond.

Our story began 138 years ago, born out of a deep commitment to serve as a nurturing, supportive force for good in the lives of children and families in Texas.

That story continues today as we practice what we call generational innovation—holistic, sustainable solutions that increase child wellness, vitality and safety, both today and across generations.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to all Texas children and families—one that is longstanding, innovative and designed to “bring up” children just as our predecessors have done throughout our history.

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“Upbring allows us to create families through our faith in the future of every child that comes into our care. We are grateful for every partner that joins us on our mission to break the cycle of child abuse.”

— Holly Raymond