Hello, we are Yuki and Terry! We met while we were graduate students. Seven years later, we married in Yuki’s home country of Japan. After our honeymoon in New York and Japan, we each took positions teaching at Texas universities and have been active in our community for twelve years.

Learn more about Terry

Terry’s career was in electrical design before finishing his master’s and doctoral degrees where he studied social psychology and leadership.

As a professor, his interests are in the development of people and teaching them to understand each other and work together.

He relaxes by taking on building projects now and then such as remodeling a bathroom, kitchen, or building a deck for their home or another family member’s home.

Learn more about Yuki

Yuki expresses her love for learning and young people through her work as a professor. She received her master’s and doctoral degrees in education and urban studies. She is interested in raising students’ awareness of other cultures.

Yuki enjoys travel be it local, domestic, or international. Taking students abroad is a summertime tradition. We also visit Yuki’s family in Japan every summer. Yuki enjoys spending time with her family and having dinner with friends.

Yuki believes in a strong mind and body and enjoys yoga.

These are a few of our favorite things

  • Traveling together
  • Experiencing different cultures
  • Taking in community festivals
  • Being involved in community projects and elections
  • Cooking
  • Gardening

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