Renovations to New Life Children’s Center gymnasium are underway thanks to the generosity of donors who helped raise funds for improvements on the New Life campus.

Built in 1997, New Life’s gymnasium received its first renovation after the campus sustained significant water damages obtained by a flood in 2002 when water levels reached up to 7 feet throughout the property. While the space has since provided a safe place for our girls to enjoy recreational activities, it was time for a few upgrades to modernize the space.

The renovations include adding insulation to the building; installation of freshly painted new walls; new lighting; new flooring that will include volleyball and basketball lined courts; and a custom 8′ x 8′ mural by a local Austin artist, Mila Sketch, that was donated by a Healing Hearts Austin attendee who won the item during the gala’s live auction.

The renovations are scheduled for completion by summer. Once completed, the gymnasium will be better equipped to provide recreational activities that are known to promote long-term healthy lifestyles, reduce stress, increase learning, and improve communications and teambuilding skills.

Renovations to the gymnasium are in progress, including adding insulation to the building, installation of freshly painted new walls and new lighting.

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