May is graduation season, the month of gowns and caps with brightly colored tassels, where friends and family gather together to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter of life. On May 24th, two teen girls at New Life Children’s Center proudly walked across the stage and received their diplomas as they graduated from high school through the on-campus Trinity Charter School.

Celebrating the girls outstanding achievements shows them they are loved.

When they came to New Life, both girls were behind in school and quickly began the long road of credit recovery. Though the journey was lengthy and difficult, they worked hard and were determined to do whatever it would take to achieve their goal of receiving a diploma and becoming two of the thousands of other graduates across the state of Texas to successfully complete their high school careers.

While our New Life girls have overcome far more challenges than most high schoolers, they still have big hopes and dreams for their futures. Full of passion for the well-being of others, one of our graduates plans to attend college to become an investigator so she can help keep other children from being abused. Because of gifts from friends like you, we provide our girls with experiences like a real graduation ceremony that celebrate their outstanding achievements and show them they are loved.

Upbring New Life Children’s Center serves girls, 11-17, through in-depth clinical therapy, personal development activities and spiritual care in a safe setting.

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