Shifting perspectives to increase child wellness through education

Education plays a crucial role in a child’s future. In a positive educational environment, children not only learn about English, math and science, but they hone life skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and navigating peer relationships. At Upbring, providing quality educational programs drives the success of advancing our mission. In addition to offering top-tier education through our Upbring Head Start and tuition-based preschool programs, we incorporate an educational component throughout all programs. At Upbring, we realize the power education has to prevent child abuse from ever happening and design our programs to have impact that will last for generations.
Children in foster care who eventually earn a high school diploma
Children in foster care who eventually earn a college degree
Children from infant to 5 years old enrolled our Head Start locations
Head Start locations operated by Upbring across Texas

*Data is from 2021

Upbring Head Start Preschool

A love of learning starts well before a child enters Kindergarten. Our Head Start Preschools focus on teaching fundamental skills in a positive educational environment. Children not only learn how to count, read sight words, and recognize shapes and colors, but they also strengthen their problem solving, critical thinking and social skills.

Upbring Tuition-Based Christian Preschool

At our School of Arts and Sciences we recognize a child’s dreams, abilities, and talents must be nurtured in order for them to develop and thrive. The school is run by Upbring Education Association, a community of faith-based schools. Here, children will grow spiritually, socially, and academically.

Upbring School of Discovery and Leadership is now LEAH SCHOOLS Downtown Academy

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Head Start Preschool