Building Access

Currently, building access is limited to students and authorized Upbring staff. Parents, guardians, community members, and essential repair personnel require permission from campus administration before entry. Any parent visits are done after hours and are limited to 15 minutes or less.

Daily Screenings

Temperature checks are done on all persons before entering the building. Staff and student temperatures are taken again mid-day. A person’s temperature must be less than 100.4 for admission and attendance. Daily screening questions are done prior to entry. After an absence due to illness, student must remain symptom-free without medication for 48 hours before returning.

Face Coverings

Masks are required to be worn over the mouth and nose at pick up and drop off for all adults. Upbring Staff wear masks throughout the day when in close proximity to children. Children over the age of 2 may wear a mask if provided by their parent.

Naps / Cots

All sheets and personal items are washed regularly to minimize the spread of germs and viruses. Children’s cots are placed as far apart as possible for nap, and children lay head to toe.

Personal Items

All students will be given a tote bag for personal items brought to and from home. Parents should wash their tote weekly. Personal items are limited to needs at this time. (i.e. extra clothes for accidents, lunch kits)

Hand Washing

High priority is placed on frequency and proper technique when handwashing. All students and staff wash hands upon arrival and at specific times throughout the day.


Prior to admittance, parents, staff and students are screened to determine that they have not traveled to high-risk areas or hot spots (countries or states) in the past 10 days.


To help avoid viruses and germ transfer, Upbring Staff and students have been asked to designate a pair of shoes only to be used for school.


Snacks are served by staff who follow guidelines for safe food handling. No sharing of food between children is permitted.

Playground / Gym

Classes do not combine with other classes when visiting the playground or gym. Between uses, frequently touched equipment is cleaned and sanitized.


All toys, manipulatives and equipment are systematically cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and in between uses.

Surface Cleaning

Our school’s shared surfaces and spaces are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day with regular and frequent deep cleanings using certified disinfecting cleaners and equipment each night.

During this time of extra precaution, Upbring Schools provide increased separation of groups with minimal group interactions and sharing. 

Children have ample room to move, learn, explore, and enjoy healthy fresh air while keeping within the most up to date Covid-19 health and safety requirements.

Our highly qualified and caring staff members go above and beyond for our students and their families in delivering a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.

Safely navigating the post-Covid-19 world of early learning