To provide academic excellence in a Christian environment, working with families to discover and develop each child’s unique gifts to their full potential for the purpose of declaring the love of Christ.


USDL’s teaching philosophy is based on respect, responsibility and community.  Every child is respected, given leadership opportunities and encouraged to become a life-long learner.

Discoverers – Infants (6 weeks to 17 months) 

Our Discoverers Program provides infants 6 weeks to 17 months with a rich and nurturing environment in which to grow and develop. At this age level, brain development occurs at an exponential rate, security sensors respond to love and encouragement, and children discover and identify much about their world. Children develop patterns for learning, language and faith during this discovery-filled time. Children are surrounded by a wealth of sensory experiences and loving care to stimulate brain development, trust and mobility.

Explorers – Toddlers (18 months to 2 years) 

Our Explorers are on the go. This program provides a place where toddlers can practice mobility and learn about playing with friends. The curriculum for this age group includes exposure to colors, shapes, counting and literature.

Language development is encouraged through the use of books, songs, rhymes and experiences. Constructs for creativity take shape as children are encouraged to explore their environment using the five senses, utilize a variety of art media, and experience a wealth of sensory activities using manipulatives found in the real world.

Faith is nurtured using simple Bible stories and developmentally appropriate activities. This age group begins to develop habits of self-help and independence as they function within a community of other children. Potty training begins with the older children in this age group, as well.

Voyagers – PK-3 (3 year olds) 

Our Voyagers are filled with inquiry, and they exhibit the first signs of teamwork and collaborative learning. This group of children is encouraged to play together creatively using dialogue and goal-setting techniques.

The curriculum for this age group includes exposure to letters, numbers, literature, shapes, science and virtuous living. Voyagers are encouraged to manage their emotions and use verbal skills to describe their feelings. Motor skills are developed through planned activities that engage gross and fine motor areas.

These children are encouraged to group, sort and classify objects familiar to them and are given valuable time to engage in social relationships as they work together in the Innovation Station.

Faith is nurtured through the use of One in Christ, a religion curriculum designed to help children develop a relationship with God and His Word through hands-on learning opportunities.

Innovators – PK-4 (4 year olds)

Our Innovators are planners and problem-solvers. They are encouraged to be inquisitive, creative and innovative as they develop new ideas. Every aspect of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) is integrated at the PK-4 level.

The curriculum for this age group includes the development of basic school skills, reading readiness, play and social/emotional growth. Additionally, children spend time in the Innovation Station, where interest and imagination serve as motivators for the development of creative thinking, collaboration and artistic expression.

Faith is nurtured through the use of One in Christ, a religion curriculum designed to help children develop a relationship with God and His Word through hands-on learning opportunities and service.


Innovation Station

The Innovation Station is a place where children can explore, create, build, brainstorm, experience dramatic play and music, and study. This area is filled with a menagerie of materials that encourage children to engage in whatever interests them in order to expand their God-given gifts and talents.

Just as the sky is visible from this extraordinary space, so it is that the sky is the limit for the young children who grow here.

Fall of 2019! Trailblazers – Early Primary (Kindergarten to 1st grade)

  • Must be 5 years old by September 1st

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