Isabel* has an empathetic heart and a contagious laugh that fills each room she’s in with joy. But before she arrived at Krause Children’s Center, Isabel felt like her life had no purpose. She struggled with drug addiction and often lashed out to those who showed her love and compassion, not knowing how to cope with her bipolar disorder or process her childhood trauma.

Krause Children’s Center provided the safe space and time Isabel needed to recognize her worth and ability to grow. Her experience at Krause brought healing not only to Isabel, but to her family, who are now able to communicate peacefully and navigate life together. Since being at Krause, Isabel has grown closer to her family and overcome her addiction to drugs. “I’m so proud that I’m done with drugs because that’s what hurt my family the most,” shared Isabel.

Now when things are difficult for her, Isabel uses the coping skills she learned at Krause and asks for help. She has developed some healthy hobbies, like learning how to cook and expressing herself through photography. When Isabel grows up, she wants to help children who have gone through similar experiences. Her persevering spirit and dedication to her recovery, combined with the support she received from Krause, meant she was able to successfully complete her treatment and return to her family with a new perspective on life. Before leaving, she took part in a unique Krause tradition— ringing the bell. With happy tears streaming down her face and staff cheering her on, she read the bell’s plaque out loud:

“Dear Young Lady, What we celebrate today is not the end, it’s a new beginning! You have grown and learned a lot at Krause Children’s Center, including how to love and respect yourself. Always remember that you are made by our creator and He does not make mistakes. Accept no limitations going forward. Be brave, work hard, and love and respect everyone, especially yourself. Remember that God will always walk beside you.”

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*Isabel’s story is true, but we used a pseudonym to protect her privacy.

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