This past spring, as COVID-19 changed many aspects of our daily lives, we learned that while people can be quarantined; faith, hope and love cannot be bound within four walls. Evidence for this truth appears in countless triumphant stories shared throughout our nation, and at Upbring, we are happy to share some positive news that materialized during this challenging time. On the cover, we shared a story about our work in the community. Here are some ways we continue to support our employees during the global pandemic:

Flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities. Upbring is an essential business and our committed employees continue operating our programs and services without hesitation. To protect our employees, their families and those we serve, we are offering flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities when possible.

Job and Pay Protection for employees directly impacted by COVID-19. This includes closure and hazard pay. Hazard pay covers any employee who is unable to work from home but is also unable to work onsite due to reasons directly related to the virus. Closure pay covered employees from our Health For Friends Clinic in Lubbock. The clinics were closed temporarily during the height of the pandemic, but Upbring protected the positions. Closure pay also covers employees who do not have childcare for their children due to state-mandated school closures. Because of these extra measures, not one employee has missed a paycheck during the Coronavirus crisis. Additionally, we continue hiring for open positions and have not experienced hour cuts, layoffs or furloughs.

COVID-19 Resources and Relief.
We set up a system that allows employees to request
hard-to-find household necessities such as cleaning supplies, paper goods, Personal Protective Equipment and grocery assistance. More than $25,000 of supplies has been distributed to more than 200 employees who have needed extra support.

COVID-19 Loan Program. We are offering loans up to $1,000 to individuals who are facing financial hardships. So far, Upbring has granted more than $115,000 in loans to employees.

Increased Health and Safety Measures. In addition to implementing heightened sanitization and safety efforts at all Upbring locations, Personal Protective Equipment such as masks and gloves were distributed and replenished at all Upbring facilities. Through our benefits program, Upbring also offers a robust telemedicine and employee assistance program available 24-hours a day and seven days a week.

Donated Leave Program. Our donated leave program allows employees to donate some of their accrued paid vacation time to other employees who have already used all of theirs but who need additional hours or days to cover an emergency. Upbring employees generously donated the equivalent of more than $140,000 to our donated leave bank.

Now more than ever, our employees continue to endure and give the gift of hope, and for that, we are eternally grateful. You have our promise that at Upbring, our mission stands steady as we move forward together in service.

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