I'm Elvia Palacios I am originally from Laredo and enjoy going to church and DIY projects in my free-time. I am fluent in Spanish, work well under pressure, and I am an excellent multi-tasker with strong interpersonal skills.  

My career has been a fun journey in education where I have learned a lot about different styles of parenting, safety and supervision of students, and have a special passion for helping students through all stages of group and individual.  

I've enjoyed my time as a 2's Teacher's Assistant at Upbring School where I can assist children as they grow, play and learn. In June 2022, I was promoted to the 2's teacher in the Longhorns classroom. The 2's room is a busy place where I'm always amazed at how this group of children are both energetic, caring and curious. I am thrilled to be leading this class as they grow and explore new adventures. Watching the children do activities and discovering the many ways they engage with each other, is one of my favorite activities. Being promoted to the 2's teacher is a special honor where I have many plans. You can expect that I will communicate well, keep the children engaged in exploring new activities while keeping our little friends well cared for and safe until their parents return.  


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