As Vice President of Marketing, Brand & Partnerships, Ryan Park understands the importance of continual reinvention and reimagination in advancing Upbring's mission of breaking the cycle of child abuse.

Previously holding the position of Vice President of Marketing & Innovation, Ryan spearheaded some of Upbring's most innovative initiatives. These include establishing Upbring Innovation Labs, launching a Blockchain Initiative, introducing chatbots for Foster In Texas and Education, and initiating the organization’s cryptocurrency fundraising initiatives. Additionally, Ryan oversaw Upbring's Data & Analytics department, utilizing predictive analytics to enhance decision-making processes.

Last year, Ryan initiated strategic alliances, collaborating with Tehuacán USA and the Texas Outlaws. These collaborations demonstrated the power of strategic alliances and leveraging partnerships to engage communities. Through such, Upbring fosters growth and unity, inviting more organizations to contribute to the creation of a healthier, more interconnected future for our children.

Ryan came to the nonprofit sector in 2017, joining Upbring first as Strategic Communications Specialist and then as Sr. Director of Innovation and Business Intelligence, a role created with the development of the innovation branch in early 2018. He has been highly involved in the organization’s growth, conducting research to identify areas of improvement and data-driven opportunities to expand and add programs and services.

Ryan began his career as Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Arrae, a marketing agency in Colorado. There he led business development initiatives while building and managing a 20-person team, overseeing marketing campaigns and serving Fortune 500 clients as well as those in government and small business. After leaving Arrae in 2015, Ryan served as Vice President of Video for Distractify, a digital platform that specializes in news, entertainment, and pop culture content, before transitioning to Head of TV at Chive Media Group in 2016.

When he's not at work, Ryan enjoys learning new technologies, networking and exploring the great outdoors by hiking, kayaking, running marathons and traveling.