Vishal Kale is from Chicago, Illinois, but currently living in Round Rock, TX. He graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. He states that he has been caring for children since he was a small child. He has experience babysitting and volunteering at the Aggieland Autism Center in College Station.

Seeing kids slowly making steps towards being a better version of themselves day by day is the reason he chooses to work at a preschool. Knowing that he was a foundational part of child’s journey in becoming the best is delightful work. He hopes to nurture the growth in every student that he is blessed to have the privilege in teaching at the Upbring School of Arts and Sciences.

At Upbring Vishal is heard singing as he transitions his students outside of the classroom for new areas to explore. He reads to the children every day and always finds time add some pleasant laughter to the classroom.


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