Teachers often have a lifelong impact on their students’ lives. At Upbring, we take pride in having dedicated, passionate educators at our Children’s Centers. Day in and day out, these teachers pour out their hearts and dedicate their time to empower our girls to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Future doctors, nurses and teachers fill the classrooms at the New Life Children’s Center–all because of the power of educators and the generous support from donors.

One of those inspiring teachers is Ms. Nicole Harlow.

Since 2014, Ms. Harlow has taught English to hundreds of girls at the New Life Children’s Center through the on-campus Trinity Charter School. In her classroom, students explore their creativity through literature, grammar, vocabulary and writing.

Ms. Harlow’s passion for teaching can be traced back to her middle school days as a student in math class. Toward the beginning of the year, it was difficult for her to comprehend the challenging curriculum, but her teacher, Mr. Harvey Haas, noticed she was struggling and stepped in to share his wisdom. Ms. Harlow recalls him “never giving up on her.”

At the end of the year, she realized how he positively impacted her life and eventually, her career choice. Fast forward 30 years, Mr. Haas and Ms. Harlow reconnected online to discover that, coincidentally, they both had a heart for the girls we serve at the New Life Children’s Center. Harvey Haas and his wife Erna are longtime supporters of Upbring–passionately committed to our mission of breaking the cycle of child abuse.

Shortly after reconnecting, Harvey and his wife Erna decided to pay a surprise visit to New Life to see Ms. Harlow. The reunification felt like a “full-circle moment” as Mr. Haas, the person who inspired Ms. Harlow to become a teacher, witnessed her live out her dream career as an educator. Children and families’ lives are forever changed because of teachers, volunteers, donors and people just like you. To learn more about Upbring’s programs, please visit Upbring.org.

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