When Stephanie and Jack first imagined raising children together, they couldn’t help but envision little ones enjoying family traditions. This past holiday season, the couple experienced the joy they anticipated for many years while sharing Christmas with their 16-month-old son, Jacob, who they adopted a few months earlier through Upbring. Through their son’s eyes, the couple saw the world anew. Christmas lights seemed to twinkle even brighter, and ornaments transformed into glimmering baubles on green branches.

“We are just in love,” said Stephanie. “We’ve dreamed of being parents for so long, but I don’t think we ever dreamed we would have such an amazing kid. I am humbled and honored every day to be his mom.”

The couple is grateful for the option of open adoption. “A child can never have too many people that love them,” said Stephanie. Over 95% of adoptions in the U.S. today are open adoptions. Research shows that all members of the adoption triad benefit from openness in adoption. For example, adoptees report feeling a greater sense of identity and peace with their adoption story. They have access to vital medical and psychological information and report having healthier relationships with their adoptive families, among other things.

The future is bright for this new family. Stephanie and Jack find joy in reading Jacob books and introducing him to different genres of music. A family trip to Disney World is on the horizon and they can’t wait to introduce their son to the rest of his family.

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