This summer, three girls completed their time at New Life Children’s Center (New Life) with a renewed sense of healing and an in-demand job skill as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) thanks to the generosity of two donors who operate a nursing school in central Texas.

Having grown up in similar circumstances as our girls at New Life, one of the donors felt a personal connection to the girls and our program. They knew they wanted to do something to impact the community and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to gift our girls with something they can use long after they leave New Life.

Under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, CNAs are friendly faces who provide hands-on healthcare to patients in medical settings. They also provide compassionate care to patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or other medical treatment facilities by helping them eat, bathe, walk or get dressed in efforts to improve a patient’s quality of life and get them on track to recovery. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,  the demand for CNAs is expected to continually rise through 2029 and offers long-term growth.

Lisa Brown, director of volunteer services at New Life Children’s Center, shared that the girls who completed the program felt empowered because not only do they now have the necessary tools required to enter this growing field but there is also a sense of gratitude and pride that comes with it.

“They were so excited to be leaving New Life with a job skill,” she said. “The girls were ecstatic on graduation day and so happy to share the accomplishment with their peers and families.”

Lisa also noted the significance the certification will have for the girls in the days ahead.

“It is something they can build on for their futures,” she said.

Providing innovative life skills empowers our girls to set goals and confidently take the next steps to achieve independence and reclaim their lives. Our three certified CNAs are now equipped to enter the workforce with the training and skills needed to get started.

New Life Children’s Center is a residential treatment center dedicated to changing the lives of courageous girls ages 11 to 17 through in-depth clinical therapy, personal development activities and spiritual care in a safe setting. If you are interested in learning more about how you can support our mission, contact Lisa Brown at [email protected].

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