Young adults aging out of foster care often have to navigate the world on their own, a challenge made even more difficult because of the global pandemic.

While the ongoing spread of the coronavirus is greatly impacting all of us, the pandemic is especially affecting the foster care system, including those transitioning out of its care. Those who were planning to attend or return to college are scrambling to find a place to live, buy groceries and access the technology needed for online classes. Some of those who held jobs have found themselves laid off or furloughed, adding stress during this challenging time.

BeREAL helps young adults on their journey from foster care to self-sufficiency and independence by providing support through education planning, mentorship and Supervised Independent Living. With the help of Saint Martin’s Lutheran Church, located in Austin, BeREAL recently furnished its 50th apartment. Saint Martin’s Lutheran has been a valued partner and supporter of Upbring for many years and continues to gather supplies to provide for future move-ins, helping those aging out of care start a new chapter of their life.

Additionally, BeREAL and its partners are helping those directly impacted by COVID-19 through financial assistance, grocery store pickups, meal deliveries, mental health check-ins and supporting the transition to online school by providing the supplies needed for success.

Through your financial contributions and support from corporate community partners and local churches, our BeREAL program continues to provide its critical services and assist those who have experienced unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. Thank you for helping us provide much-needed support to children in foster care who grow up tell a more hopeful story.

With the help of Saint Martin’s Lutheran Church in Austin, BeREAL recently furnished its 50th apartment.

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