Shortly before the coronavirus pandemic reached the U.S., Gina* met with Upbring’s Foster In Texas (FIT) team in Dallas to discuss the possibility of opening her home to a child in foster care. This was not Gina’s first time fostering through Upbring. The mother of two adopted both of her sons with Upbring’s help a few years ago. After she and the boys cultivated their family dynamic, they knew it was time to share their hearts with another child.

What Gina didn’t know then was that their new family member would arrive days before shelter-in-place orders were issued. As the lockdown changed daily life across Texas, Gina’s hours at work were cut back right as her washing machine broke, and schools were shut down. Still, her commitment stood firm, even when times turned difficult.

While Gina remained able to provide for her children, she needed extra support to fix her washing machine and cover unexpected expenses related to providing school at home. Gina knew about the wraparound services available to Upbring foster families, so she turned to the Dallas FIT team for help.

This loving family is just one of many Upbring has been able to assist during this difficult time. We could not do it without your support.

*Gina’s story is true, but we used a pseudonym and stock photo to protect her and her family’s identity.

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