Meet Paul, a creative and joyful six-year-old boy who enjoys musical and shiny toys. After only 24 hours in this world, Paul lost his mother. He currently lives in a group home and is hoping to find a loving forever family. Paul and his caregivers have a warm relationship.  

Paul is experiencing delays in his neuro-psychological development and was diagnosed with congenital anomalies that mostly affect the facial area and background retinopathy. Each day Paul works with a psychologist, special pedagogue and speech therapist in a program to strengthen his motor skills, speech and social and emotional development. He is in good physical health with good sleeping and eating patterns.

Upbring International Adoption is the primary provider facilitating adoptions from Bulgaria. Upbring partners with New Beginning Association, a foundation accredited by the Bulgarian government, to find loving and compassionate adoptive families for children living in Bulgarian orphanages. Paul is one of many waiting children in Bulgaria

If you would like to find out more about children available for adoption in Bulgaria, contact Upbring International Adoption by emailing [email protected]. You may also call 800-396-4611 and ask to speak to our International Adoption team.

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