No one wants be alone when faced with hardship


in services delivered to disaster survivors


people provided with emergency assistance for food vouchers, hygiene products, prescriptions, utilities and other necessities


paid out for utility assistance

31 tons

of food were distributed through our food voucher program

*Data is from 2021

There when all is lost

Serving Texas and  Louisiana, we assist families and communities in the aftermath of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, or wildfires. We provide financial assistance, case management, and spiritual care for those facing disaster.

Free Healthcare Access

At our nurse-managed clinic in Lubbock, we provide free screenings, referrals, dietary education and individual consultations for all to those who otherwise would not have access to healthcare. Patients are seen and treated regardless of their ability to pay. 

In times of greatest need

Founded in 1967, Upbring Neighborhood House serves thousands of people in Lubbock County every year. Families, elderly and individuals with disabilities are able to endure difficult times with emergency assistance such as food vouchers, hygiene products, prescriptions, utility assistance and other necessities. 

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