The journey to wholeness has different points of entry

Safe places for children to take back their lives

Our residential treatment programs for girls and home-like shelters for unaccompanied children meet the physical and emotional needs of children in their toughest moments. While for most children, going to school, playing sports, reading bedtime stories, and enjoying family dinners are part of a childhood they’ve come to expect, other children experience a different reality. School, sports, and stories are pushed to the side for the sake of survival and the search for safety. Our residential programs create a stable foundation for the future.

Our Residential Programs for Teen and Pre-Teen Girls

Providing compassionate support to trauma survivors

As we continue our mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children and families, we also innovate. Our innovation equips children and families with the latest, most effective therapies to heal.

Many young girls have memories full of playing soccer, hosting tea parties with teddy bears, laughing with friends, and falling asleep in the comfort of their room after reading bedtime stories. But the girls who come to our residential programs have experienced a different reality, marked by heartache, fear, and abuse. For them, pursuits like school and sports are cast aside to focus on survival and the search for safety. Despite the rough start they are forced to navigate, our children’s centers provide structure, safety, and the promise of a new start. Here, girls have a chance to heal, grow, receive kindness, and dream again.

Our Home-Like Shelters for Unaccompanied Children

Many children begin life in the face of serious challenges. Instead of playing pretend and imagining grand adventures, unaccompanied children face perilous conditions alone as they travel to unfamiliar countries, leaving home and loved ones behind to escape war and violence. Our children’s centers, operated through a grant from the Office of Refugee and Resettlement (ORR), provide safety, stability and wraparound services. We help children grow into adults who have received love and kindness, instead of only violence and chaos. We also provide the staff and resources to children with the protection, counseling, education and compassion they need to heal and grow.

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