Austin, TX – May 16, 2023 – Upbring, a leading nonprofit child wellbeing organization, today announced a commitment to amplify its efforts in rolling out innovative child wellbeing solutions to help address the institutional challenges facing children in Texas. These include challenges such as operational and financial inefficiencies; archaic technology and data structures; and overcoming the perceptions toward staff in the child wellbeing sector. Upbring President and CEO, Michael Loo, acknowledged the complexities and hurdles facing Texas that need to be addressed to ensure at-risk children receive the care they deserve.

“First as a father, and then as the President and CEO of Upbring, it pains me to see the institutional challenges and traumas that far too many children face today within systems that are designed to serve them,” said Michael. “We recognize the challenges facing Texas children are complex and multifaceted, but they must be addressed to ensure children receive the care they deserve. Over the last seven years, Upbring has been committed to implementing innovative and effective programs, often instituting operational, financial, programmatic, and structural improvements to optimize the programs we deliver to ensure the improvement of the lives of children.”

Michael emphasized that children deserve better. “We need to institute holistic systemic change now,” said Michael. “We need to shift our focus toward delivering purposeful, innovative solutions with measurable outcomes that improve child wellbeing.”

Despite global, local and sector adversity and challenges, Upbring is steadfast in its commitment to improve the life trajectories of the children it serves through innovative and effective programs.

“To benefit all at-risk children in Texas and beyond, and on behalf of our committed and courageous Upbring Family, we will be sharing our child wellbeing initiatives over the coming months so that you can understand and evaluate our efforts at Upbring—to see how we are helping children in ways previously unseen in our sector, but in ways you fundamentally expect and want to see,” said Michael.

Upbring is committed to being a leader in the pursuit of child wellbeing for children across Texas and aims to inspire others to join in these efforts.

“I am proud and thrilled to share our progress with you. And I am excited to venture into unexplored waters. Moreover, I am hopeful that together we can better serve those children who will comprise our future generations,” said Michael.

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About Upbring
Founded in 1881, Upbring is a Texas-wide organization implementing generational innovation to advance child wellbeing. We are the leaders in delivering a broad spectrum of life-restoring services that elevate and heal human beings in our communities. Intent on shifting perspectives and re-imagining current systems, our work secures a future free from the damages of abuse. Join us on our mission to break the cycle of child abuse by empowering children, families and communities.

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