Each child in foster care shares a gripping story – being removed from their home and placed in foster care is a difficult and stressful experience for any child. While most children dream of a new bike, Disneyland, or birthday parties, children entering foster care dream of safety, shelter and a loving family. What better gift can you give a child than the opportunity to experience life in a safe, nurturing home?

Why Foster-to-Adopt?

  • You have the unique opportunity to give a child a second chance at childhood, helping them to heal and move on from the life that led them here.
  • Effectively raising and adopting a foster child requires a lot of work, but it is an incredibly rewarding path.
  • Many foster-to-adopt parents feel they are “meant” to do this and find the responsibility highly rewarding.
  • Financial support makes this adoption path viable for many, but is seldom a primary consideration. Support can include monthly adoption subsidies, Medicaid benefits, and post-adoption services to assist you should the child develop problems as a result of early abuse and/or neglect.

Do I qualify to be a foster-to-adopt parent?

Do you want to provide love and a nurturing environment to a child? Then you might be just what we’re looking for in a foster-to-adopt parent.

Eligibility guidelines for foster-to-adopt parents:

  • You may be single or married (if married, for a minimum of two years).
  • You may be retired or employed.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You must be emotionally and physically healthy.
  • You must have a regular source of income (cannot be dependent on the foster care payment for expenses, nor can you be on government assistance).
  • You must have no criminal history, or have proof of rehabilitation.
  • You must not have a history of abusing a child or another adult.

Foster-to-adopt parents do not need to be wealthy, nor do they need to be experts in child psychology. Potential foster-to-adopt parents are screened through a series of interviews, background checks, training, and home interviews.

For more information, please visit our Foster In Texas page or contact our state intake coordinator at 877-747-8110.

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