brave girls given a safe place to heal at
New Life Children’s Center in 2021

Each girl who comes through our residential programs brings their own dreams, talents and abilities, and it’s our joy to provide them a safe place to grow and thrive.

Many of the girls arrive at New Life after experiencing severe abuse or neglect. These courageous young women are between the ages of 11-17, and they begin to grow and heal through in-depth clinical therapy, personal development activities and spiritual care in a safe setting.

Girls stay an average of six to eight months and begin to feel a restored sense of hope in their futures – thanks to the support of New Life’s staff and therapists specializing in Trauma-Informed Care. Often during the healing process, girls discover special interests and talents and begin to live a healthy lifestyle. Many girls are either reunited with biological family or connected with a loving foster family after living at New Life.

New Life Children’s Center offers:

  • Intensive, individualized and group therapy
  • On-campus education through Trinity Charter Schools
  • Preparation for adult living
  • Structured recreation – indoor gym, swimming, animal care, art and more
  • Spiritual care, chapel services and Bible study

Humana House

Located on the New Life Children’s Center campus, the Humana House is a home away for home where families of the girls can stay for longer visits, allowing them to participate more in their child’s treatment – improving the chances of success, healing for the whole family, reconciliation and reunification.

Many families, due to geographical or financial restrictions, don’t have the means to stay for longer visits, and Humana House helps bridge this gap.

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