What happens after an adoption?

Adoption is a life-long process and adoptees often raise questions that parents can be challenged to address. Upbring Adoption provides post-adoption services to help families understand and navigate this ongoing process.

Ongoing intermediary services

Upbring Adoption will act as a go-between or “intermediary” between the birth family and adoptive family, so they can maintain contact without fully disclosing their last names and contact information. This contact may include the exchange of letters, pictures and gifts, and face-to-face meetings at the location of your choice.

De-identified social and medical history

Upbring Adoption Post-Adoption Services include providing information to the adoptee or adoptive family that does not include information that can be used to trace the birth family if that is their wish. This information may include health, education, social and genetic history information from the record.

Search and reunion services

Our search-and-reunion services are part of Upbring’s post-adoptive services. Initiates a search for one member of the adoption triad at the request of another member. This may be an adult adoptee searching for a birth parent, a birth parent searching for an adult adoptee, or an adoptive family searching for a birth parent. If the search is successful and both parties wish to meet, contact can be facilitated. Contact usually starts with a letter or a phone call and evolves based upon the consent of both parties.


Texas Family Code requires that any member of the adoption triad who is participating in an adoption search complete 1 hour of counseling.  The intent of this requirement is to provide support and information to the individual who is searching for biological family members.  During this session, we suggest that you explore the following issues:

  • The reason for desiring contact.
  • Understanding the varying potential outcomes and associated feelings.
  • Expectations of the extent of contact.
  • The anticipated impact on friends and family.
  • A general assessment of the client’s emotional preparation for such contact.

Although we encourage you to seek a counselor in your own community, we can make recommendations to adoption competent mental health professionals.

Is there a cost for post-adoption services?

Ongoing intermediary servicesCost of postage
De-identified social and medical history$50
Search and reunion$300

Who is eligible for post-adoption services?

Any member of the adoption triad who was party to an adoption facilitated by Upbring (also known as Lutheran Adoption Services of Texas and formerly Lutheran Social Services of the South and Lutheran Social Services of Texas) is welcome to contact us to discuss these services.

For more information, email Erin Patterson at [email protected] or call 512-706-7544.

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